The Carlisle

Health Group


Consolidating and enhancing imaging services by introducing value-based measures focused on patient-centered care.

About Carlisle Health

Our approach is dynamic and innovative, rejecting the one-size-fits-all model and embracing flexibility and adaptability.

We believe in rebuilding and shaping the future, challenging traditional mindsets, and looking beyond accepted norms. Our focus is on engaging our team, retaining our staff, and partnering with stakeholders for wider group benefits. We strive for quality and excellence, constantly raising the benchmark and prioritising the end user experience for our referrers and our on the ground teams.

Despite being a newly established company, we have big goals while fostering collaboration and collegiality. We are committed to continuous improvement, responsiveness, and empowerment, believing that to drive change, we must embody it ourselves.


Our Strategy

Technology & Governance

Our team leverage advanced technology to streamline operations and improve patient care, while simultaneously establishing policies and processes to ensure compliance with quality and governance standards. By integrating innovative solutions, clinics can prioritise both efficiency and accountability.

Capital Investment

By continually reinvesting in technology and infrastructure, we meet evolving patient needs, ensuring the highest standards of care and driving continuous improvements in patient outcomes. With our trusted partnerships, we are able to continue offering high quality equipment and images to our patients and referrers.

Human Resources

Fostering a culture of professional development and opportunity for education and advancement enable us to attract and retain talent within our business. We are cultivating a skilled and diverse workforce, ensuring the presence of key individuals who drive innovation and excellence in our radiology services.

Business Development

Implementing targeted and proactive business development strategies allows us to expand our reach, attract new patients, and strengthen relationships with referring practitioners. We are solidifying our position as a trusted partner amongst our communities to ensure sustained success.

Patient Outcomes

By harnessing the collective expertise of our radiologist network, integrating innovative technology, and prioritising exceptional customer service, we are enhancing the imaging experience for every patient we serve. Our continuous improvement means excellent outcomes for those undergoing imaging with us.

Streamlined Operations

Harnessing the scale of our skilled staff enables us to optimise efficiency and quality throughout our operations. By implementing streamlined systems and leveraging our workforce, we enhance productivity, reduce administrative burdens, and ensure seamless coordination.

Our Story

Starting with a single clinic on the Central Coast of NSW, we’ve embarked on a remarkable journey of expansion, now boasting 22 clinics spread across a vast expanse, stretching from Rockhampton to Wollongong, covering over 1,500km. In just one calendar year, our growth has been exponential, projecting us from 8 clinics to a network of 22.

This expansion highlights our unwavering commitment to expanding our reach and influence within the broader radiology community, all in pursuit of our mission to innovate and redefine the Radiology landscape.